About Sykesville Online

Really, although Sykesville Online once had bigger ambitions, it’s shrunk to mostly a two person endeavor run by the same two people who run Sykesville Design. Those big ambitions aren’t dead, they’re merely sleeping. Meanwhile, here we are.

Andrea White – Editor and Website Designer

Andrea WhiteSince way back in the nineties, Andrea’s designed and built more than a hundred websites both as a freelancer and lead designer for a successful Internet company. She’s a graphic artist, a top-notch editor, an Internet software expert, one of the world’s best spellers, and a really good mom with two daughters.

Plus she’s damned good with WordPress, dogs, cats, cameras, and Words with Friends.

She started Sykesville Design because she likes working closely with her customers and wants to make sure they get exactly what they want. And that’s why they always love her. As far as Sykesville Online, well, Jack talked her into that.

Jack White – Writer and Publisher

Jack’s a seasoned (salt, pepper, and oregano) Internet professional and award winning published author who can never find his glasses. (They’re on top of his head.) For the past 20 years he’s worked in marketing and technical communications for various high-tech companies and served as web manager for several sites in the Washington DC area.

Jack White is the publisher and main writer on Sykesville Online.He recently designed a web-based customer service site for the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission, where he currently works as a contract technical writer for Dell.

He’s the author of Is Your Website Dead, and the principal writer on several blogs, including the Mobbie winning Sykesville Online.

As a novelist, he was featured in the Washington Post, the Baltimore Sun, and Writers Market.

Cool things they’ve done

Jack and Andrea have worked together on several interesting projects over the years, from designing a website for Smithsonian Business Ventures to publishing a novel that won the first Writers Digest National Self-Publishing Award and ended up with Penguin Books.

Currently they run the award winning Sykesville Online community information site to entertain and enlighten the people of Sykesville and Eldersburg, Maryland.

And they suggest you dream big.