Former Council Member, Sykesville Pioneer, and Local Artist, Wiley Purkey Endorses Shaw, Link, Ellis and Ellis

by Jack White on May 6, 2013

While sipping and sometimes gulping too much wine at yesterday’s festival, I came across Wiley Purkey, painting by the fountain. Wiley and I are on opposite ends of the political spectrum, but somehow or another we seem to get along just swell. Anyway, he asked if he could endorse some candidates, and I said, “Sure.” So here’s what Wiley has to say.

Wiley Purkey

While attending the Sykesville Art and Wine Festival Sunday, I was thinking about the election on Tuesday, May 7th. There I sat on a bench chosen by former Mayor Jonathan Herman, in a park he supported, in front of a fountain that he designed, looking at the Old Main Line Visitors Center that he supported, at the train station that he oversaw the renovation of, at the McElroy parking lot, his own restored home on Norwood Ave., and the Norwood Mansion that he restored, and I was struck by how important it is to have true leadership qualities in our Mayor.

Wiley Purkey at the 2013 Fine Art & Wine Festival

Sykesville has been experiencing a dark period for the last four years. It has been stagnant at best. After all of the progress that had been made during Mayor Herman’s administration, we have been subjected to four years of ideas like closing the Post Office, closing the Gate House Museum of History, selling off the Little Sykes Railway, selling the Train Station building, and so many other bad ideas, and it is quite frustrating for those of us that helped build all of these amenities to hear the constant din of defeatism and “head in the budgetary sand” leadership.

When all ideas are measured by the cost of implementing them, nothing happens. I know if I really measured how much it costs me to produce art for sale at festivals like these, and the hidden costs of attending them, I would most likely never leave the house.

I spoke at length during the festival to Stacy Link, who serves on the Historic District Commission, lives in the Historic District, and serves on the Main Street Committee. I spoke at length to Debbie and John Ellis whose contributions to the town have been years of selfless devotion to the town.

I also spoke to Ian Shaw about the need for inspired leadership, and the value of having a plan for the town to move out of the dark ages, and found that he has grown in his term on the council, and has come to understand the value of these things.

In conclusion, I am endorsing Ian Shaw for Mayor, along with Stacy Link, and Debbie and John Ellis for Town Council positions. This is a good beginning towards having a council that will work with the Mayor to get things moving again. And in two years, it will be time again to replace anyone that will not work towards that end.

Vote on Tuesday, Ian Shaw, Stacy Link, Debbie Ellis, John Ellis.

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