Happy Marriage Week, Folks

by Jack White on February 6, 2012

Well, in case you didn’t know, it’s marriage week here in Carroll County. Our commissioners have declared their intention to protect marriage.

Here’s what they said in their press release proclaiming the proclamation.

The proclamation highlights the benefits of a loving marriage on society and on children.

In discussing the proclamation the Commissioners also discussed Senate Bill 241 which was recently proposed in the Maryland General Assembly. Senate Bill 241- Civil Marriage Protection Act, if passed, would allow the marriage of any two individuals. This bill would eliminate the current definition of marriage as a union between one man and one woman.

The Commissioners always welcome the input and feedback of all citizens. At the same time, wish to assure the citizens that this proclamation is not an attack on anyone, but rather defense of an institution that has come under attack.

The Commissioners do not seek to disparage others, but strongly disagree with attempts by the Governor to redefine marriage for his own beliefs and purposes.

Here’s a picture of the proclamation.

Carroll County Commissioners Marriage Proclamation.

A fight in the comments has broken out over the marriage week proclamation on the Eldersburg Patch website. Commissioner Frazier, who is quoted often in the article, seems to be the biggest proponent of the cause. Here’s a snippet.

Frazier, pointing out the yellow button she was wearing that read “Proud to be a coward. Defend marriage,” reported back during Tuesday’s open meeting from a rally she attended against same-sex marriage in Annapolis Monday.

The rally was in response to Senate Bill 241 and Gov. Martin O’Malley’s support of marriage equality.

“Maryland is the seventh state that was admitted to the union by ratifying the Constitution of the United States. We can also be the seventh to pass a civil marriage equality law,” said O’Malley in a Facebook post. “I look forward to working together over the next few months to get this bill passed.”

The portion of the open meeting discussing Carroll County’s Marriage Proclamation was not on the revised agenda for the week and was discussed in an empty boardroom Tuesday.

During her speech, Frazier mentioned the rally in Annapolis and how Carroll County residents need to get involved by writing to their representatives.

“Lawyers Mall was full. There were people of all ages, all backgrounds, all religions and basically they were there to say we support God’s law and Maryland’s law of marriage being one man and one woman,” said Frazier.

She said that a vote for marriage equality is “a vote against children because the studies show that the healthier, safer, most successful road for children is to be raised by one man and one woman.”

Frazier wants us all to know that she supports God’s law. And that she intends to defend marriage against the danger of…of…of…letting more people get married. And that her opposition to the proposal to let more people get married isn’t about homosexuality, it’s about marriage. It’s about defending children.

Apparently Michael didn’t get the message. He left a comment saying, “homosexuality is a corruption of basic core animal instincts.”

The commissioners also provided a link to a website where you can go and help defend marriage. And at the Maryland Marriage Alliance website you can get a long explanation of the threat to marriage. They start out with this shocker.

Right now, attempts are being made in the Maryland General Assembly to redefine marriage or eliminate it altogether.

I’ll bet you didn’t know that. Did you also know that the sole purpose of marriage was to rear children?

Perhaps most importantly, shifting the focus of our marriage laws away from the interests of children and society as a whole, and onto the desires of the adults involved in a same-sex relationship will result in the most profound long-term consequences. Such a paradigm shift says to children that mothers and fathers don’t matter (especially fathers) – any two “parents” will do. It proclaims the false notion that a man can be a mother and a woman can be a father – that men and women are exactly the same in rearing children. And it undermines the marriage culture by making marriage a meaningless political gesture, rather than a child-affirming social construct.

So, I’m wondering, is the institution of marriage weak here in Carroll County? Is it in imminent danger?

According to an article on divorce in Carroll County in the latest issue of Carroll Magazine:

At 7.9 percent, the divorce rate in Carroll County is not only lower than the national and state averages, but it is lower than all but one county in Maryland.

Which just goes to show that the county’s strong traditional values make for stronger marriages. Except it doesn’t. Because the more liberal Howard County is number 1 at 7.5% and the more liberal and more densely populated Montgomery County is number 3 at 8%.

I’ve been married going on 20 years. I think it’s great. Great for me and my wife, great for the kids. If the state suddenly starts allowing gay marriages, my marriage is not going to disintegrate or suffer in any way. I’m not going to abandon my family and go marry a guy.

If thousands of gay people start marrying, the divorce rate in Carroll County is not going to suddenly shoot through the roof.

What do you think? Is marriage under attack? Is homosexuality a profound unnatural abomination? Is the commissioners’ proclamation a wise act that will do some good or just one more way to make people feel bad? Does a marriage between two lesbians in Baltimore weaken a single marriage in Carroll County? If you support gay marriage are you attacking traditional marriage?

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Laura February 6, 2012 at 7:05 pm

Who gives anyone the right to judge others based on innate desires. Those who do should examine their own fears and prejudices…how dare we judge others – without first looking inward.

Bonnie Grady February 6, 2012 at 11:17 pm

Another brilliant post, Jack. I’ll ask the same question here that I asked on another site: Since Rothschild has been married two, maybe three, times, is this proclamation commends “people who marry and stay married” a slam against him? Or anyone who has been divorced, for that matter? That’s a pretty big chunk of Carroll Countians, even if we are second lowest in the state’s divorce rate.

Furthermore, what gives these commissioners the right to speak for all Carroll County citizens? If you look at the election numbers, these guys got on the general ballot with vottes from less than 10% of all registered voters. You read that right – less than 10%. But they often say they were elected by a “vast majority.” Huh?

And why are they even talking about this? They need to get down to the business of running the county and stop trying to ram their personal opinions down everyone’s throat. That’s not part of their official duties.

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