National Night Out – The Freedom Area Citizens Council Puts on a Party

by Jack White on July 28, 2011

So what the heck is National Night Out and why should I care? Well, it’s Eldersburg’s big night. It’s from 6 to 9 pm, Tuesday, August 2, on the grounds behind Carrolltown Mall, and it’s a party. Even dogs are invited.

And so are the Rolling Stones.

The official purpose is to promote community safety and cooperation between citizens and law enforcement. The County Sheriff’s Office, represented by Major Phil Kasten, will be there to do just that, the state police will be there, and rumor is a local politician might even be there! But the real purpose is to have a good time and celebrate Eldersburg.

Consider, Eldersburg’s got maybe ten times the population of Sykesville, but Sykesville’s got concerts in the park, a Wine and Art Festival, Apple Butter Markets, the Fall Festival, Ivy Wells making it happen, and just a sense of community and place and things to do.

What’s Eldersburg got?

Well, at least, for the third straight year, there’s National Night Out, put on by the Freedom Area Citizen’s Council (FACC).

Ellen Dix, the FACC President, is the driving force behind the event, and this year she’s got just about everything from a moon bounce water obstacle course to a MASH ambulance from the Korean war. And although she didn’t actually line up the Rolling Stones (Mick says he’s booked, Keith says, “Eldersberry? What the bloody hell is that?”), she did manage to line up the next best thing – The Joey D. Cares Rock Orchestra. And that alone is worth the price of admission.

Especially since the price of admission is free.

So, there will be music.

And Joey D is, of course, actually Joey Dundore, the much loved music and band teacher at Piney Ridge Elementary, not to be confused with Albus Dumbledore, the much loved wizard and magic teacher at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The Joey D Cares Rock Orchestra is basically Dundore and a bunch of talented local kids playing really good music and having a really good time, possibly in neckties, sunglasses and cool hats.

The orchestra starts at 6, which is probably about when any politicians will start giving speeches, so the timing is perfect.

You Want More?

Okay, there’s Rita’s water ice, fresh cut smoked sandwiches from Cobblestone to add a nice smoky scent to the air, free cookies, free freeze pops and lemonade, tattoos (the kind that wash off), flaming burritos (actually, no, I made that up), body piercings (nope, made that up, too), a regular moon bounce in case you prefer your moon bouncing dry, face painting (get yourself done up like Gru in Despicable Me, then steal the moon bounce), hair braiding (hair is required for participation), and a wading pool filled with ice and water from Walmart. (The water is in bottles. The idea is to drink it, not wade in it.)

Still more?

Okay, there’s a yo-yo dude demonstrating fancy yo-yo techniques. There’s Yo Yo Ma demonstrating fancy cello techniques (kidding, ha ha). There’s free document shredding from the Shred Factory (shred your evil secrets without spending a cent).

There’s games, prizes, stuffed animals, Justin Beaver (a famous singing beaver with weird bangs), the Humane Society and their giant humane truck, the Street Rods of Carroll County with some old street rods, Rod Stewart (no), and a lady who will show you how to groom your dog. Plus, she’ll have water and treats for the dogs.

(Dogs must be on leashes. Cats are not encouraged to attend. The Humane Society will spay and neuter them on sight in their big truck.)


And although she failed to land the Stones, Dix hopes the event will remind people that FACC is out there doing good works and would really like you to join.

She says, “We would like people to support us so we can continue to do the things we do for South Carroll. It’s only fifteen dollars a year for a membership, and the more members we have the more influence we have when we go to Center Street in Westminster and say we’re representing the Freedom area.

“We don’t have much impact if we say, ‘we have 30 members.’ But if we can say we represent all the HOAs and have hundreds of members, then when we complain about the water or a zoning problem, we have a little bite in it because we have the numbers to back it.”

FACC will be giving out door prizes. They’ll have applications, and they’re always looking for motivated citizens to join their board.

That’s Tuesday, August 2.

Get wet, get stuffed, get braided, tattooed and groomed. And get down with Joey D.

Then join the Freedom Area Citizens Council. You can reach Ellen Dix at 410-549-2748 if you have questions.

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