Sykesville’s Mayor Open to Skateboard Park

by Jack White on January 27, 2012

As I reported in a previous post, Mayor Mike Miller of Sykesville is looking to put together a committee to talk about the homemade skateboard park some kids have fashioned at the edge of town. Here are his answers to my questions on the subject.

Is there any danger of the town shutting down the skateboard park?
That possibility always exists, but I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

Is there any likelihood of the town helping improve it?
Yes the town has plans to improve the South Branch Park area, and that particular area is slated for “recreation.” It depends on available funding and if the skateboard “use” is agreed upon by the Council.

Has anyone volunteered to get on the committee?
I have received email from a few people interested in the committee so I hope to setup a meeting sometime in February.

What are your main concerns about the makeshift skateboard park?
Insurance coverage to protect the Town. Safe equipment, as the equipment over there now is made by skaters. Head gear – most skaters do not wear helmets, even though the town has an ordinance requiring them. If we don’t get skater interest in the park because we enforce the wearing of helmets, it may kill the concept.

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gary williams July 15, 2012 at 11:15 am

I think it’s great that the skaters finally have a place they can go.My son and his friends go their all the time and they love it. For as no helmet can’t you get a sign up Skate At Own Risk or Not Responsible for any Injuries do to no Helmet.Not sure if that would cover the town from liabilities or not.
Gary Williams

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