We’re Back with a Tortoise

by Jack White on May 11, 2014

Well, I’ve been away awhile, and it’s a little embarrassing, but you see I met this guy named Warren, and we’ve been writing a book together. Well mostly he talks, and I write. Plus Juliette’s in college now and that requires money, actually a lot of it, so there’s two jobs, and the book and regular life, and Sykesville Online has just sort of languished.

But that’s about to change. So to get back in the swing of things, I’m going to write a few posts and show you a few pictures, including this one, which I took today, and which I think sort of captures our progress as a website over the past few months.


Now, I hate to admit it, but I’m not really sure what this is, so please feel free to fill me in. I’m sure it’s either a tortoise or a turtle, and whichever it is, it’s definitely the biggest one I’ve ever seen out of captivity.


In fact, when Anna pointed it out and suggested I take a picture, after Barkley gave it a quick sniff and found it uninteresting, I asked her if maybe we’d be better off just running. But then she reminded me of the fact that the thing, whether tortoise or turtle, was by reputation and all appearances, notoriously slow. So I snapped a few shots, including its really long tail, which is too creepy to publish here, and then we got out of there. It did not pursue us.

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Retired Officer Dave June 28, 2014 at 1:00 pm

Crying out loud, Jack,
I’m gone a year and you’re putting Barkely in danger. That’s a snapping turtle and it’ll take a hunk out of your boy, if you let him get too close. (makes a fine stew, if you’ve a mind)
Glad to see you’re back. Miss you and the Town folk.

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