“You online posters are such babies” – Sykesville Mayor Mike Miller

by Jack White on November 12, 2012

You online posters are such babies. It’s ok for everyone here to post their negative comments and I can’t dish a little back. Seriously, you shouldn’t even be posting negative comments unless you understand the situation which 99% on here don’t. This is like a gossip board, serves no constructive purpose. Has any one of you reached out to any Council members or myself to get more information, No? Why not? I got a few emails from some upset residents and cordially responded with as much information as I could give. That’s called communication folks. I should be ashamed, of what? You all should be ashamed for your quick judgements and false accusations. Everyone who knows me understands that I’m a straight shooter, I don’t bs and I say what’s on my mind. May not be politically correct but I’m no politician, so there. Gossip on …

That’s Sykesville’s Mayor Mike Miller on our Facebook page. Facebook.com/sykesvilleonline in a discussion of the closing of the Sykesville post office.

There will be a town council meeting at the townhouse this Wednesday night, November 14th at 7pm.

Here’s the background

The town fired the post office manager, Jean Maher, and the other three women who worked there quit. Andrea found out that the post office was closed, contacted the town, heard from the mayor and posted this.

Today, the Sykesville Post Office on Oklahoma Ave. has been closed, until further notice.

We contacted Mayor Mike Miller and he told us that “the Town has experienced some problems staffing the contract postal unit and has closed the unit until these problems can be assessed. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused with the closure of this service.

“The decision to suspend operations was made by the acting Town Manager in collaboration with myself today Nov 5 at approximately 9am. At this time we do not have post office employees to run the service thus it had to be closed.”

Mayor Miller cannot currently offer more details about certain aspects of this matter because it’s a confidential personnel matter.

When asked whether the town intends to ensure we have a working Post Office in the near future, or if a permanent closure is being discussed, the mayor responded that at this time, he cannot say whether the Town plans to maintain a working Post Office in the near future. He believes the council will be discussing this matter over the next few months.

We’ll try to keep you informed as we learn more.

About the same time, someone sent me an email saying that they’d fired Jean and that the others quit. But since this was what I considered hearsay, we decided not to put that out there.

Then people started leaving comments under Andrea’s original post about the closing. Most were in support of the post office and were along the lines of this.

So sad! Hope our little post office comes back!

I love that little post office! I agree Dana I’m looking for work – I’d work there in a heartbeat. Also there are elderly folks in town w/o transportation and business that used that PO. May not be easy for them to go to Eldersburg at the drop of a hat.

The Sykesville Post Office and Visitors’ Center adds a lot more to the town of Sykesville than just a place to buy stamps and mail packages.

What a loss for Sykesville. The Old Main Line facility was so much more than a Post Office! Every time I went in there, I came out happy.

The Sykesville Post Office seemed to be the heart of the community….what a tremendous loss. I will miss the friendly and welcoming staff.

Oh no. This is sad. Sure hope it truly is temporary. The post office is a great addition to Sykesville and the ladies working there always friendly and professional.

I for one loved that little Post Office and the ladies that worked there. Very disappointing that all this could not have been worked out beforehand.

But at some point things got testy. Joe Murri, who lives across the street from us and blows a big soccer horn when Pittsburgh teams win important games, made a couple comments, especially after the Carroll County Times wrote a story on the closing. And the mayor didn’t like Joe’s comments. (You can read all this on our Facebook site.) The mayor responded with this.

This message is for Joe Murri, the Town resident who always has a comment but has no clue as to what is going on. Gee, its hard to keep a post office open when there is no staff to operate it. How would you solve that problem Joe? Maybe we should just leave it open and let the customers handle their own postage needs using the honor system. I have responded to many email requests from you Joe, every time you had a gripe about things you knew nothing about, but you insist on bashing me on social media. What do you do for this Town? I never see or hear from you until you have a gripe about something. Why don’t you be part of a solution instead of being the problem?

To which Debbie Scheller, who runs A Likely Story Bookstore, said:

Wow, very disppointed in the mayors response to Mr. Murri. As a business owner and resident of Sykesville I am astonished on your response. You should be ashamed of yourself. You represent a town. You should accept the fact that not everyone will agree with you and will respond in different ways. Too bad you must make personal attacks on a citizen you are supposed to represent. What’s the saying, can’t stand the heat…..

Soon came the mayor’s “You online posters are such babies…” comment and his declaration that Sykesville Online serves no constructive purpose.

Not long afterward, the women who worked at the post office sent out a letter, which we published here on the blog. Again more comments came in, such as these excerpts:

I am so sorry for those employees involved as are my customers who used to frequent that post office. We all loved the personalized service and friendly faces, you will be sadly missed.

I am saddened that you wonderful ladies are no longer at OML post office. During my time on Main Street you were always wonderful to me and always pleasant and helpful. When my son went into the military you always helped me sending off his packages and when I asked that you join me in sending packages to his troop you always did…It makes me feel even better about my decision to move my business from Main Street.

The level of service by these women has always been over the top. I always try to mail my packages through them because I know that they are knowledgeable and helpful. Jean, Connie, Kathy and Judy will be deeply missed!

Wow! What is going on in that beautiful old town? The ladies of the Post Office/Visitor Center were all very active in town promotion. Some years ago, when I resided in Sykesville, I worked along side of them in the Spring Flower Fests. And Kathy’s program for the older town residents has been a huge success. When my granddaughter was little and “in love” with Peter Pan, we would give her letters to Jean and she would see that Peter (that would be me) would receive the letter. Real, old fashion, small town service is hard to find in this day and age. What a shame that present day politics can take that away. This kind of publicity will not help you fill those empty storefronts on Main Street.

It took a vision, years of planning, budgeting, meetings, pulling favors, good luck, happenstance, a lot of volunteerism, and sweat equity to build the Post Office. Looks like it took just a few minutes to destroy it.

It seems to be forgotten when the Post Office is measured by what it costs, that those costs also include the entire building, the bathroom maintenance and supplies, the meeting room utilities and maintenance, and the fact that it was also our only visitor’s center. It was more than a post office. It was the best good-will ambassador that the town had. I for one, and most likely not the only one, do not live in town, but chose to take my post office business there. Now with no post office, it’s just one more reason not to visit the Main Street.

The Post Office is part of Main Street in Sykesville and is one big reason i stop there at all. Fix this problem and get these dedicated workers back. I use the Post Office several times a week and the savings in gas alone as well as time means a lot to me. The trip to the main Post office is over five miles each way and when you get there it is long lines and often unhappy workers. The woman of the Main St. Post Office rock.

We Serve No Constructive Purpose

Sykesville Online is just a two person operation. We make no money on it. Hopefully, over the years, we’ve provided some laughs, mostly at my expense, some good stories, some nice pictures, and a bit of information you wouldn’t get anywhere else. We’re about to publish a two part story on Wade Warfield, the man who truly built Sykesville. This is a story that has never been told. But he’s the most important person in the history of this town.

Hopefully we can continue to be entertaining and useful, provide a little light, and a little fun, and maybe even someday serve some constructive purpose.

Happy Monday, folks, even if it is nearly Tuesday.

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pam High November 13, 2012 at 12:04 am

Babies???? well I guess that comment explains it all. Good going Mayor with that response..

another straight shooter November 13, 2012 at 6:43 am

I consider myself blunt and a straight shooter…but that doesn’t give anyone the right to be insulting and rude to people. You are right…most people dont understand the situation. That is why those who take the higher road explain it to those who don’t understand. That is part of what make a great and effective leader. No one should reach out to you..YOU should reach out to your public. You have concerned citizens you should address. Even if it just about a little old post office.

Brad Kay November 13, 2012 at 8:50 am

We have lived in Sykesville for over 10 years and have mailed countless items from the Post Office. To see it closed so suddenly and with little information was baffling. Why not reinstate all of the employees immediately ? The fact is, that they all performed their jobs pleasantly and efficiently. The fact that the firing of one led to a protest by the others indicates that the punishment may not have fit the “crime”…I do not know the nature of the offense, but perhaps the “sentence” was too harsh. Indeed, the other employees thought so. The Post Office is a historically vital symbol of the heart of a town. If this town has a heart, let it beat with forgiveness and restore this vital core….I’m Brad Kay, and I approve this message…

Joe Murri November 13, 2012 at 9:09 am

We can’t solve nothing on Facebook or Sykesville online. Come out and let the town hear your voice and your side. Both the ladies and the post office are a huge asset to main street and our town in my eyes. Lets hear Jeans side maybe Wed. and see if we can resolve the issue and move this town ahead looking to get more people downtown instead of leaving. Off to Eldersburg to do my mailings today !!! Come out Wed 7pm !!! Support what you believe in. Sykesville is made up of people working together, if not in the sports program, its the school programs and events.

K. Karlsen November 13, 2012 at 9:17 pm

Mike Miller’s comments are disgraceful. He is not a straight shooter – he’s a bully. I have never seen or heard comments more unprofessional, unkind, uneducated and misguided. These comments are totally unworthy of respect and consideration.

On the other hand, If only all employees were as resourceful, pleasant, honest and hardworking as Jean, Kathy, Connie and Judy. They not only run the OML Post Office they also manage the feral cat colony on their own time, at their own expense. They promote the town at the fairs and events on their own time, at their own expense. They decorate and plant flowers and beautify Sykesvile on their own time, at their own expense. They visit the town’s sick and elderly on their own time at their own expense. They send Get Well Wishes and Condolences. They worry about their patrons and their patron’s families in every part of the world that mail reaches. They are good citizens and ambassadors and their letter is fabulously written unlike Mr. Miller’s. Bravo and many thanks for your many years of service to the city. I am sorry our support is too little too late.

michael willinger November 15, 2012 at 4:55 pm

Wow babies that’s deep. Who gave the permit for the Skate Park?

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