Free WiFi

Need to get out of the house, but you have work to do? Several local businesses offer free WiFi. Just don't let that pizza cheese slide off onto your laptop!


Bagel Cafe & Habib's Kabob

1720 Liberty Road, Eldersburg, Maryland, 21784

One of the more exotic and atmospheric places in Eldersburg. In fact, it may be the only exotic and atmospheric place in Eldersburg. On one side you've got Habib's, where the name says it all, and on the other you've got bagels, pastries, and the poten ...


Ledo Pizza

577 Johnsville Road, Eldersburg, Maryland, 21784

It's a Maryland place, started in College Park in the fifties, and expanded into a small chain. The pizza is square and delicious, and the view of the parking lot is a view of a parking lot. You can beat the view. You can beat the atmosphere, but it's ...



1320 Londontown Blvd, Eldersburg, MD, 21784

Store Hours: Open 24 Hours Features include: Coffee Shoppe and Cafe with Free WiFi On-site gas pumps Pharmacy Organics

Telephone(410) 552-5107

Merritt Athletic Club

1388 Progress Way, Eldersburg, Maryland, 21784

General purpose health club with swimming pools, many classes, camps for kids and more. Free WiFi



6300 Georgetown Blvd, Eldersburg, Maryland

Yep, we've got a Panera. It's a lot like all the other Panera's. Good bread, great soup, Internet connected, and an outdoor area with umbrellas, a view of your car in the parking lot, and a place across the way that sells outdoor sheds that are actually q ...


Zi Pani Breads & Cafe

1311 Londontowne Blvd., Eldersburg, Maryland, 21784

It's kind of a weird name, Zi Pani Breads & Cafe. Breads and milk makes sense. Bagels and coffee makes sense. But Breads and Cafe? It's like Tony's hamburgers and diner. It doesn't quite work. And how do you pronounce it exactly and what language is it? ...